Laster innhold, vennligst vent!


Atlantic Sky

This image was almost my last ever because within minutes of taking it we were walking out along the cliff path to St. Just volunteer coastwatch station in Cornwall, England - I was carrying a heavy Canon 300mm f2.8 IS lens and 1D camera across my upturned forearms, I didn't see the trip coming and in falling, I almost rolled over the 100 foot cliff! Lesson learned - buy Lighter Gear! From this point I kept looking to go lighter and smaller and eventually Sony came up with a brilliant mirrorless camera and lens setup that solved my problem.More »

A Matter of Taste

I picked this image out because it raises the issue of very narrow Depth Of Field [DOF]. The idea is to separate the subject from the background mostly by using Fast lenses with wide Apertures such as f1.4, f2, f2.8 etc. thus causing the viewer to focus on the intended object. Some folks abhor it, however I just keep finding myself doing it and it only works occasionally - I'll leave the viewer to make up their own mind. There are more examples to be found, if you look through the images, no doubt you will discover them.